About RVEC

About RVEC


Raccoon Valley Electric Cooperative (RVEC), headquartered in Glidden, Iowa, with a satellite office in Sac City, Iowa is a member-owned, non-profit electric cooperative. It provides reliable, competitively priced electric energy to businesses and industries, farms and homes throughout west central Iowa. Corn Belt Power Cooperative and Basin Electric Cooperative is our generation and transmission cooperative.

We are owned and controlled by the rural families that we serve. It is governed by an seven (7) man Board of Directors elected by you, the members. Financing is obtained from the Rural Utilities Service (RUS), as well as the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC). These agencies have been instrumental in the development and growth of your Cooperative. At the present time, we are fully regulated by the Utilities Division of the Iowa Utilities Board except for rates.

The Cooperative serves over 2,040 members with 1,242 miles of line 9 counties. The power lines are owned and maintained by the Cooperative.

The RVEC pays taxes in support of schools, roads and county and state governments.

Our Mission:

To provide reliable, affordable and responsible service while being a leader in our community's prosperity and growth.

Our Values:

At RVEC, we share the same values as the seven principles of cooperatives below:

Seven Principles of Cooperatives
• Voluntary and open membership without discrimination
• Democratic member control
• Members’ economic participation
• Cooperative autonomy and independence
• Member education, training and information to the general public
• Cooperation among cooperatives
• Concern for community


David Onken, President - Carroll

Jeff Cranston - Odebolt

Dennis Kennebeck - Carroll

Mark Ludwig - Breda

Steve Seidl - Coon Rapids

Mark Tigges - Glidden

Karen Werner - Schaller

Headquarters - Office Hours: 7:00 to 4:30 Monday through Friday

28725 Highway 30
PO Box 486
Glidden, IA. 51443-0486
PHONE: 712.659.3649
PHONE: 800.253.6211
FAX: 712.659.3716


601 E Main St.

PO Box 397

Sac City, IA  50583

EMAIL: Click on this link

Leadership Team

Jim Gossett, CEO

Charley Freml, Line Superintendent